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Friends or Foes

This excellent resource provide IWB support material for the Year 4 PrimaryConnections Unit  of Work "Friends or Foes?" Who would think that insects as small as the bee and ant would play such a pivotal role in the world’s ecosystems and the survival of humankind? Bees are the major pollinators of our food crops. There are more than 1500 plant species in Australia that rely on ants for seed dispersal to continue their life cycle. AVAILABLE TO SCHOOL SUBSCRIBERS. For individual purchase, please click HERE

ACSSU072, ACSSU073,  ACSHE061, ACSHE062, ACSIS064, ACSIS065, ACSIS066, ACSIS068,  ACSIS069, ACSIS216, ACSIS071

Category: Middle Primary

Subject: Science icon

Date: 30th March 2016