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STEM: Healthy Bundles of Energy

This excellent IWB resource has been designed to SUPPORT the teaching of the NESA Stage 1 STEM Unit of Work "Healthy Bundles of Energy". In this unit students consider the food and drink they consume, and learn about where foods come from and the importance of nutrition. Students grow wheatgrass and observe how the seeds change from being dormant, to germinating and then growing into grass. Students explore how food, including the wheatgrass, can be combined with other ingredients to make healthy energy snacks. Students plan their ‘energy bundles’ and record and document the process for a recipe book made collaboratively using computer software.

EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE TO SCHOOL SUBSCRIBERS. For individual purchase, please click HERE.

(ACSIS026),(ACSIS039),(ACSSU017),(ACSSU030),(ACSSU211),(ACSIS024), (ACSIS037), (ACSHE021), (ACSHE034),(AC

Category: Lower Primary

Subject: Mathematics iconScience icon

Date: 1st July 2019